About us

A family business built on tradition, expertise and environmental awareness


The company was founded by Robert Kotsch in 1945 as the “Galvanisier-Anstalt” [electroplating plant]. In 1969, the firm passed to the second generation in the hands of Jürgen Kotsch. Then, in 1998, Hardy Kotsch joined the company, and the family business entered its third generation.

Since 1990 we have been in a position to develop further together with our customers and currently have more than 120 employees working on a three-shift system.

Our experienced and competent team is on hand for you at our location in Schneeberg, which we moved to in 2003.

Our company over the years:

  • 1945: Robert Kotsch founded the business as an electroplating plant.
  • 1990: The business almost had to close following the Reunification but managed to survive with seven employees.
  • 1995: First major investment in an automated zinc and tin plating system.
  • 1996: The zinc-iron process was introduced and further developed.
  • 1998: Hardy Kotsch joined the company as the third generation.
  • 2003: Site 1 was rebuilt in the industrial estate with two fully automated plating systems.
  • 2006: The zinc-nickel process was introduced and further developed.
  • 2020: Site 2 was brought online with an additional fully automated plating system and a new administrative building.

Personal profile of Hardy Kotsch

Site 1:

Plating system 1

  • Zinc (alkaline)
  • Zinc-iron

Plating system 2

  • Alkaline zinc-nickel
  • Copper
  • Tin

Site 2:

Fully automated rack system

Plating processes:

  • Zinc-nickel (alkaline)
  • Zinc (acid)
  • Spatial separation of plant and workspace for perfect working conditions
  • Optimised for complex piping
  • Latest ERP technology
  • Annealing furnace for high-strength components
  • Cutting-edge wastewater system for the best possible environmental protection
  • Optimised climate control system to save energy and protect the environment
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